The Perception of Four People Are Changed After Having Encounter with Pitbulls

The sweetness of two pit bulls change the negative perception four people had towards the breed!

Pit bulls are perceived as dangerous, mean, and aggressive.

The dark side of dog fighting typically involves pit bulls, and because of this, our culture lacks awareness of how sweet and gentle the breed actually is.

Four individuals that have never been around pit bulls agreed to meet two pit bulls in a local dog park.

This purpose of this visit was to prove to them and everyone else, that the negative preconceived notions about the breed are false.

These people have the opportunity to have a personal encounter with the two dogs.

As each wait for the pit bulls to enter that area, they are quite nervous and unsure.

  • “My expectation of pit bulls is that they have scary teeth, and they are guard dogs.”
  • “I want to believe they are nice dogs and I don’t want to be a doggie racist.”
  • “I am nervous and skittish.”
  • “This is not something I am looking forward to, but I am going to do it. I am not a dog person, and I am not sure what I am supposed to do here.”

The dogs are brought into the park and walked over to each of the individuals to interact with.

The individuals are given a choice of a ball or tug toy for playing with the dog.

The first few minutes, the individuals are timid and not sure, but then their hearts melt as the dog pounces and begins to play.

  • “She doesn’t even move when I pet her. I haven’t even seen her teeth. These things are really soft. I can’t believe people walk around and are really scared of you.”
  • “They’re actually smaller than I thought. I thought they would be big, but they are so tiny.”
  • “You don’t look like you are going to bite my face off. I always imagined them to be mean and drooling with their teeth. They are very sweet, and I like them.”
  • As the young man tells one of the pit bulls “High five,” the pit bull raises its paw and places it into the young man’s hand. “I like pit bulls.”

It seems that all four of these individuals had the mindset that the two pit bulls were going to be large and would come out with the teeth snarling.

However, they found just the opposite. All four of them discovered the dogs to be docile and sweet.

Imagine if we could raise awareness like this by providing people with the same opportunity to have a personal encounter with a pit bull.

It certainly would change the misconceptions about what people believe pit bulls to be!

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