“Nope, not gonna eat it!”

Pit bull can’t be fooled into eating broccoli.

As pet-parents, we only want the best for our dogs. When it comes to their diet, we try to feed them the very best in quality treats and food.

High-quality dog food and treats are packed with nutrition that a dog needs to be healthy. 

We rely on these foods and treats to provide the daily protein, vegetables, carbs, and nutrients for healthy organs, fur, skin, and so on.

Some dogs have no problem munching on carrots, celery, and other vegetables. 

If you happen to have a dog like this, consider yourself very fortunate!

Then there are those dogs that detest the mere sight of anything outside of a can of dog food.

Heaven forbid if you try to pass off a slice of apple, yogurt, cottage cheese, or fresh vegetable as “canine-edible.” 

Finicky dogs will turn their nose up and walk away. How dare you feed them something nutritious!

The dad of a pit bull found out first-hand that regardless of how clever you get in feeding a dog a vegetable, it just won’t work.

In between tossing turkey dog treats to his pit bull, he managed to work in a bite of broccoli. 

No sooner had the broccoli hit the tongue of the pit bull than it was spewed out and across the floor.

It only took a split second for the dog to realize it was not the turkey treat.

We wish the pit bull dad the best of luck in trying to find another way to get your dog to eat his veggies. You have a smart cookie there (no pun intended!)

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