This Pit Bull Hugged Mom After Chewing Up Her Shoes

Roscoe the pit bull hugged mom after chewing up her shoes

Dogs have an innate sense of enjoyment, chewing on things. It’s a normal behavior in canines.

We know that anytime we bring a dog, something is going to end up destroyed at some point in their life.

One particular pit bull found his mom’s shoe and went to town on it.

Roscoe may have destroyed Mama’s shoe, but what he did after he was caught, cancels out any misbehavior that took place in that house! 

When his mom asked him, Did you chew Mama’s shoe up?” he laid there and stared at her and then looked down.

Oh, how the shame weighed him down! His Daddy then said, “Roscoe, tell Mama you’re sorry, give her a hug.

He knew daddy wasn’t to be reckoned with, and he better mind him.

Roscoe slowly got up, walked over, and began leaning towards her. He then laid his head on her shoulder.

He climbed into her lap and was sure Mama had forgiven him because she wrapped her arms all the way around him and kissed him.

This sweet little pit bull shares a home with a canine sibling as well as a few kitty cats.

Roscoe’s gentle demeanor is evident in mom’s videos of him lounging with others. He is just one big cuddle bug!

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