Pit bull and owner flawlessly pulls off Bollywood dance routine.

In the cold climate of Siberia, you will find a young lady, and her posse of dogs always on the go.

Olga Dudareva lives in the city of Omsk, where she owns and runs a dog training and pet sitting bu​​​​siness. 

Her passion for dogs goes even further with her dogs being part of numerous dog competitions throughout the region.

One of her dogs that is nearest and dearest to her heart is Honda. Honda is an American Staffordshire

Their house is full of dogs and it’s no big deal for Honda to share his bed and toys with one of his many other canine siblings.

Olga and Honda have an amazing talent for Bollywood-style dancing. The two of them flow seamlessly throughout the entire dance routine. 

The amount of training that Honda had to undergo to pull this dance-off is admirable!

When Olga and Honda are not busy dancing or running the competition circuit, they love to have fun.

A large family camping trip included everyone taking their dogs along. 

There’s nothing better than cuddling with your pooch around a campfire. Honda indeed appeared to have enjoyed it.

Olga has dispelled the myth that pit bulls are vicious and untrainable.

Through the right training and positive reinforcement, even the “throw-away” pit bull that no one wants can be rehabilitated and be a valued family member.

Kudos to you Olga for your drive and passion in teaching and training dogs!

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