Loco the Pit Bull Mimics Humans Jumping on Mattress for Trampoline!

Pit bull does the same thing his sisters did.

Over in Israel in the bedroom of two little girls is the cute laughter and giddiness that only children can muster up.

They both discovered their mattress to be like a trampoline as they bounced up and down.

Their pit bull, Loco, walked around them as they jumped. He was not sure what they were doing.

As soon as the girls left the mattress and stood on the floor, they motioned for Loco to try it.

Loco walked over to the mattress, and within a few steps of getting on it, he pounced hard and high, which was quite comical to see.

He did it several times more. His two sisters were astounded at their dog.

Not only was he having fun, but he mimicked what his two sisters did. How smart is that?

It is sweet to see children playing with their dogs. It’s even cuter when you see the dog playing back with their humans!

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