Pit Bull Walked The Wedding Aisle With His Famous Owner!

NFL Baltimore Ravens football player, Jeremy Zuttah, had to postpone and change his wedding venue because his dog Ace wasn’t allowed in City Hall.

Eloping is exhilarating for couples in love. 

However, Jeremy Zuttah (Baltimore Ravens center) and his fiance Heran Haile encountered a problem when they tried eloping.

Upon arrival at Baltimore City Hall, they discovered they could not take their pit bull, Ace, into the building because pets were not allowed. 

Both Zuttah and Haile wanted their dog to be present when they got married.

This was important to them, and so they decided to find a venue to be married where Ace could be a part of the wedding.

Searching for the perfect place to be married involved recruiting an event planner who would scour the area to find not only a venue but also plan the wedding around the couple and their dog.

This was to be a grand event sparing no expense.

Haile arranged to have Ace go through training with a professional dog trainer who would teach Ace to walk down the aisle.

The trainer would also be responsible for ensuring Ace was fitted in a canine tuxedo. Ace was to be a groomsman for his owner.

Guests traveled from as far as Ethiopia to attend the wedding. The big day had arrived, and the venue was beautifully decorated and ready.

Standing at the altar was Zuttah as his groomsmen walked down the aisle. Plugging along with one paw in front of another, Ace made his way to the front.

He was a true gentledog and made Zuttah so proud.

The couple’s special day could not have been more perfect as they exchanged their vows with their dog by their side.

What better way to include your pet than in something as intimate as your wedding?

The tough demeanor of an NFL football player such as Zuttah is not evident in his relationship with his dog Ace.

Just the opposite; Zuttah is not afraid to demonstrate his love and affection for his beloved dog.

They share a special bond and make guest appearances advocating for cruelty to animals.

One such appearance was with “Show Your Soft Side,” which is an organization featuring tough guys posing with their dogs.

The mission behind the group is to end acts of violence towards animals.

In 2010, Baltimore had one of the most horrific cases of animal cruelty that prompted the founding of Show Your Soft Side.

Two teens belonging to a gang set a nursing cat on fire as well as clubbing a puppy to death.

It’s not cool or manly to mistreat animals, and hopefully, this message reaches those who take it upon themselves to hurt or torture cats and dogs.

We applaud “Show Your Soft Side” and the athletes and celebrities, along with their dogs that support the mission of this group.

Jeremy Zuttah is one such notable person who loves and puts his dog first in his life.

Thank you, Jeremy, for showing us that the pit bull breed can be a valuable family member.

Appearances of toughness, whether it be in a football player or in a dog breed, is deceiving.

For underneath the skin of man or dog is one who wants to love and be loved.

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