Pit Bull Is A Regular Customer for Neighborhood Ice Cream Truck

Children come running from all over the neighborhood when they hear an ice cream truck coming down the street.

The cheerful music floods the streets as the truck bearing frozen goodies makes its way through.

A neighborhood in Toronto, Canada frequently has the pleasure of the Donkey Kone ice cream truck that strolls through during the summer months.

Kids (of all ages) wait with anticipation curbside for the driver to pull over to serve up popsicles, ice cream cones, banana splits, slushies, and smoothies of all kinds.

It’s heaven on four wheels!

One day, an interesting customer was waiting as the ice cream truck pulled up.

She was hairy, four-legged, and prancing about with excitement to have some ice cream.

A white spotted pit bull was wanting a treat from the ice cream truck. There she was standing there wagging as hard as she could.

Her owner told her to sit and wait, which she did without hesitation. She sat there waiting patiently.

The customer ahead of them paid and as soon as they did, the pit bull and owner moved up closer to the truck to place their order.

The truck driver handed the dog’s owner a big vanilla soft-serve ice cream cone all the while the pit bull was keeping an eye on every movement of her owner’s hand holding it.

As soon as the owner lowered the ice cream cone for the dog to lick, the entire cone was gone in a matter of a few bites.

There was no licking or being delicate about eating it! There was a whole lot of patient for a few seconds of pure bliss for this dog.

A hot summer day with a belly full of cold ice cream made this pit bull a happy girl!

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