Myths & Misconceptions vs. The Truth About Pit Bulls

Pit bulls sadly retain a negative stereotype of being aggressive because of those who raise the breed as fighting dogs.

A dog is a product of how it is raised and trained.

When you love, nurture and correctly train a pit bull, you have a great family dog that is nothing more than a big teddy bear!

Thousands of organizations and pit bull owners are working hard to promote awareness of how sweet the breed can truly be.

In honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Day, we give you the leading misconceptions that people have towards the breed along with the actual truth!

Pit bulls are, after all, silly little ready to please!

Dispelling Misconceptions About Pit Bulls

Misconception: All pit bulls are aggressive and mean.


Pit bulls have a score within the top percentile of dogs that have good temperaments.

The American Temperament Test Society put the pit bull breeds through extensive temperament testing.

Their findings determine how well the breed will adapt and behave in various environments.

What they discovered with the pit bull is insightful!

American Pit Bull Terrier

  • 931 dogs were tested
  • Of that group, 117 did not pass the tests
  • Overall breed rates 87.4% good temperament

American Staffordshire Terrier

  • 743 dogs were tested
  • Of that group, 108 did not pass the tests
  • Overall breed rates 85.5% good temperament

Misconception: Pit bulls are trained fighters and can’t be trusted. 


The pit bull as we know it today is a descendant of theEnglish Pit Bull which was used for hunting large animals.

This was known as “baiting” and was outlawed in the 1800s.

It was then that dogfighting reared its ugly head.

Dogfighters introduced selective breeding of the English Pit Bull with Terriers to produce a more agile fighting pit bull. 

Dogfighting today is assumedly associated with all pit bulls because of the defunct history that has followed the breed.

Dogfighting with pit bulls has continued through the centuries and is still existent today behind closed doors and in areas of the world where it goes unregulated. 

When any breed of dog is bred and trained to fight, it will be an aggressive dog.

However, most pit bulls are bred and raised to be family dogs, support animals, and service dogs. 

We can’t stress enough how each pit bull should be considered individually as opposed to grouping them into the breed as a whole.

You can read more extensively through the ASPCA’s “Position Statement on Pit Bulls.”

Alissa Scheller for the Huffington Post

Misconception: When a pit bull bites, its jaws lock on its victim.


There is absolutely no truth to this! Pit bulls have the same jaw anatomy like any other breed of dog.

They do not have the ability to lock their jaw.

The POSITIVES cancel the Negatives!

Pit bulls have had positive impacts with their keen ability to learn and love. 

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Pit bulls are nothing more than a fierce, beefy looking dog with a mushy heart ready to please and love someone. 

Seeing a pit bull as the beautiful individual creature they are is vital.

They each have unique qualities. 

Don’t give in to stereotypes or misconceptions that others have jaded the breed with.

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