Pampered Pitties with a Purpose

The “Blueboys” - Darren and Phillip

can pit bulls sleep on the bed

As dog lovers, we are all guilty of pampering and spoiling our furry kids — most of us who go to great lengths to “love” our dogs.

In fact, we hide in the closet hiding our dog-spoiling secrets because we don’t want others to think we have lost our marbles!

However, when you see another dog, mom, and dad doing the same thing you do for your dog, you get warm fuzzies all inside and think, “Maybe others ARE like ME!”

Husband and wife team, Lachlan and Jennifer of Brisbane, Australia are the pet-parents of an inseparable pair of dogs.  

two pit bulls laying on bed

Darren and Phillip are the dastardly duo the couple adopted as rescues.

These canine brothers are American Staffordshire Terriers which is a pit bull breed.

Lachlan and Jennifer have several social media platforms that promote awareness of how sweet pit bulls can be.

They have a must-watch video of just how ferocious pit bulls are.

It all started back in 2013 when they began posting pictures and videos of their dogs for fun. Their posts went viral around the world!

two pit bulls dressed up for a walk

Through their videos, photos, and stories, they invite the world into their lives with their pit bulls.

The following on their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages is into the millions!

Various mainstream news media, talk shows, and pet-related industries have interviewed Jennifer.

The couple went even further in founding, which is a unique boutique that features matching human and dog pajamas and loungewear as well as other dog apparel.

do pit bulls make good pets

Darren and Phillip are featured on some of the apparel as “Stafficorns” (Staffordshire-Pitbull-Unicorn.) 

How cool is it to crawl into matching soft “Stafficorn” PJs on a chilly evening and cuddle with your fur baby?

The mission behind “Darren and Phillip” apparel is to not only add some fancy duds to our dog’s lives, but to also advocate and support rescue groups globally.

Jennifer donates 20% of all proceeds to these rescues. Her passion for dogs extends far beyond her own two dogs!

can dogs eat pizza

Darren and Phillip are about as cuddly and lovable as any dog could be.

Throughout their photos and videos, they are snuggling with both mom and dad as well as each other.

At bedtime, they are laid side-by-side and swaddled in one blanket. The security of having the other next to them is soothing.

If ever there was a place to go to have your heart and spirit lifted, Darren and Phillip’s social media pages are the go-to place.

If you are having a bad day, we can guarantee you that they will make you smile and laugh.

So don’t let their dog-like appearance fool you; there just might be two little humans packed inside all of that dog flesh!

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