Pitbull Tip-Toes to Avoid the Cat!

Redd the pit bull does everything he can not to wake the sleeping bear!

Redd is a red-nose pit bull who shares a house with a rather feisty cat that torments him.

Unfortunately, Redd has had to resort to some ingenuity to get from one end of the house to the other without waking the cat.

It’s hilarious to watch this beefy pit bull tip-toe through the hallway by the room where the cat is sleeping

It reminds you of a soldier wading through the minefields of a war zone!

Standing bold and brave, Redd knows that he must cross the battlefield (the hallway) to advance towards the area where friendly troops are situated (living room.)

The enemy lurks hidden somewhere in the war zone waiting to attack. 

The canine soldier plans his route where he will be required to employ specific strategies to get around the enemy.

The enemy is aggressive, unpredictable and has initiated multiple attacks on the canine soldier, leaving him with battle scars.

At the edge of the hot zone (hallway,) Redd slowly advances by placing each paw softly and quietly on the ground (floor.)

He lifts each leg gingerly and in an upright fashion which lends to a very quiet maneuver.

As he approaches the bunker (bedroom door) where he knows his enemy is, his breath becomes shallow and slow. 

Redd has been suffering from a very mild case of PTSD from the enemy attacks. 

Drawing closer to the enemy bunker causes his anxiety to rise. But he knows he must muster forward.

He looks to the left towards the opening of the dark bunker. He thinks to himself, “Redd, you got this, buddy!”

Continuing stealthily, he successfully passes the opening to the dark abyss where the cat hides.

Continuing across the hot zone quietly, he reaches the other side where he lets out his breath and relaxes.

He made it! His ally (mom) is there to greet him as he rallies around her.

Another successful maneuver under the belt of Redd the pitbull!

We are sure that a time will come very soon where this canine soldier will yet again be required to travel back through the hot zone and when he does, he will surely have his battle tactics ready to use.

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