The First K-9 Pit Bull Officer With The Colorado Rangers

History was made when the first pit bull was appointed as the first of its breed to be a K-9 officer with the Colorado Rangers. This law enforcement agency appointed Kara the pit bull as one of their own.

Kara was rescued from a shelter located in Texas by a rescue called “Universal K-9.

She was pregnant and abandoned by her owner. Being a small-sized pit bull with brindle coloring, Kara caught the attention of the shelter’s director with her playful antics.

He saw potential in this dog and notified Universal K-9.

Pit bulls are ideal candidates for K-9 officers because of their high drive and focus.

Kara’s K-9 training was funded through the Animal Farm Foundation (an advocacy group from New York.)

The Animal Farm Foundation’s mission to provide pit bulls opportunity is the saving grace for many pit bulls stuck in shelters.

Denver happens to be a contentious city that bans the pit bull breed. Pit bulls are seized from perfectly good homes in this city for no reason on the dog’s or owner’s part, but just because the dog is a banned breed.

The seized dogs are evaluated for pureness of breed. They are either sent to other shelters for adoption or euthanized.

The stereotypical perception of pit bulls presents a challenge for advocating for this breed in the Denver area.

Kara, however, is an example for bringing awareness to the pit bull breed in a positive light.

The local news station featured Kara and her newly appointed position in law enforcement as the first pit bull K-9.

Kara works in her new role in narcotic detection, tracking and rescuing people, and a host of other duties.

When Kara and her handler are out among the public, Kara is extremely outgoing and a great dog to be around.

Advocates are optimistic that Kara will serve to help alleviate the fear of pit bulls and change the negatives about the breed in general to positives.

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