The Extreme Dog Fence® Review

Containing Your Precious Pooch

Are you lucky enough to have a Pocket Pitbull?

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Good for you! Whether you have dogs or are adding one to your family, you may be thinking about the best way for you to contain them on your property.

 Perhaps you have a fence already, but your dogs are trying to dig under it or jump over it. What is a doggie mom to do?

Have you ever heard of an electric dog fence? Now, don’t let the name scare you.

There is no actual electricity running through your dog fence wire. Here is how they work.

Underground Dog Fences: How They Work

You begin by circling your property with dog fence wire. This creates a perimeter that your dog won’t be able to cross.

This wire is hooked up to a transmitter inside of your home. This transmitter sends a radio signal throughout your dog fence wire.

Next, your dog wears a special receiver collar, which communicates with the system.

Electric Dog Fence Premium Underground Dog Fence System for Easy Setup and Superior Longevity and Continued Reliable Pet Safety - 1 Dog | 500 Feet Standard Dog Fence Wire

When your dog approaches the wire, he hears a warning beep. If he moves a little bit further, he or she will receive a mild, static shock. ​

sensation feels a lot like running across the carpet in your sock feet and then touching a doorknob.

It is annoying to the dog, but by no means is it painful.

Now that you know what an electric dog fence is, let’s talk about a few different options.


You may have heard of the company, called Invisible Fence®.

Although they come out and install it for you, they will charge you an arm and a leg for every service they provide, along with a crazy high price for the equipment.

The truth is, all you really need to do is buy the right kit, and install it yourself.

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You don’t need to be an electrician, or any type of expert for that matter.

It just involves burying the wire 3-6 inches deep and connecting it to your transmitter.

Generally speaking, it takes just a week or two to train your dog on the fence.

There are a lot of different dog fences on the market. You may be wondering how to choose the right do-it-yourself dog fence kit.​

In this article, we are going to remove the guesswork, and recommend a great fence for you.

Electric Dog Fence Premium Underground Dog Fence System for Easy Setup and Superior Longevity and Continued Reliable Pet Safety - 1 Dog | 500 Feet Standard Dog Fence Wire

The Extreme Dog Fence®

Manufactured in the USA, the Extreme Dog Fence® is an excellent option.

It is designed for dogs as small as 8 pounds, and as large as you need to go.

 Its adjustable collar can size up or down to fit your dog perfectly.

The collar is nice because it is lightweight and comfortable for the dog.

Extreme currently offers 2 different systems. The first is known as their Active System.

 This kit is perfect for dogs of average size and average temperament, which equals most dogs.

It offers 7 levels of correction to choose from, in addition to a beep only mode that is used for training.

Extreme also makes a Hyper System, which is designed to accommodate larger, or stronger-willed dogs.

Electric Dog Fence Stubborn Dog - 1-Dog 500' of Pro Grade Heavy Duty 14 Gauge Boundary Wire for 1/3 Acre Pet Fence and 8 Correction Levels to Accommodate Larger, More Stubborn Dogs

All of its correction levels are more intense, and it goes up to a level 8, for those dogs that may require it.

It also has a beep only mode for training your dog.


The great thing about this company is that you can reach them by phone, 7 days a week.

Their team of experts are friendly, helpful and easy to get in touch with. That makes this do-it-yourself project easy as pie.

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