Pitbull Puppies

All about Pitbull Puppies

Pitbull Puppies are becoming increasingly popular amongst dog enthusiasts.

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They are adorable, loyal, loving and playful! There are various ways to seek out a Pitbull Puppy to bring into your home.

However, some options are better than others, and it is critical to know the difference.

It could mean the difference between bringing home a healthy puppy and getting wrapped up in a scam!

Also, once you bring your new Pitbull Puppy home, you must know how to care for him. We will consider all of this and more below!

How to purchase a Pitbull Puppy and what to look for

There are various outlets to purchasing a Pitbull Puppy.

You could find a reputable breeder, a non-reputable breeder, check the classified ads in the newspaper, look online, and even just by asking around.

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Once you have found Pitbull Puppies for sale, you need to do your research.

It is important that you discern exactly what they are worth so that you are not overcharged.

On the other hand, you should avoid “free” Pitbull Puppies, as well.

A true breeder has extensive knowledge on their breed of Pitbull, and therefore they will price the puppies fairly.

Also, if they are “free” then it often means that there is something wrong with the puppies or that the breeders did not take them to the veterinarian for their first shots or other aspects of a puppy check-up.

“Free” puppies are posted in order to get rid of them quickly and without a paper trail.

A reputable breeder will take their Pitbull Puppies to the veterinarian for their puppy check-ups before they are of age to be adopted out.

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During this visit, the puppies will receive their first shots which often are then factored into the purchase price of the puppy.

These puppies will then have documentation from a licensed veterinarian that states the health status of the puppy as well as the shots that were provided to the puppy.

The classified ads in the newspaper could be an excellent way to search for Pitbull Puppies for sale.

Some of the ads will be posted by reputable breeders that are trying to bring attention to their pups.

However, some of the ads will be posted by non-reputable breeders that are just looking to make a quick buck.

Unfortunately, the only way to know the difference is by meeting with the breeder and discussing the pups with them.

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Reputable breeders will be willing to produce paper documentation on their Pitbulls (the parents as well as the puppies).

They will also be clean and take pride in their home and their dogs.

Non-reputable breeders will not be able to provide paperwork on their dogs, and their home and yard will likely be unkempt.

These “breeders” will also be unwilling to discuss their dogs and will seem pushy about making the sale.

When you look online for puppies for sale, you are likely going to come across various websites that boast about helping you find the perfect puppy. However, many of these sites are run by scammers.

Never send payment for a puppy without meeting the breeders in person first!

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Not only should you meet the breeders but, you will also want to meet the puppies and both of the parents.

Use the same standards as mentioned for purchasing a puppy in the above examples.

Adopting a Pitbull Puppy and what to look for

3 Questions you have to ask yourself before you adopt a Pitbull Puppy

1. Are there local, state, or federal laws that pertain to owning a Pitbull?

It is important to know the laws specific to owning Pitbulls in parts of the country. Each state has its own guidelines or laws that pertain to owning a Pitbull, and it is important that you follow them. You may also have local laws in regards to Pitbull ownership that may restrict you from owning one at all. Again, it is important to know the legal aspects of what you could be getting into by adopting a Pitbull Puppy.

2. Am I willing to protect my Pitbull?

Pitbulls are typically very affectionate animals. They will likely lick you to death before they harm you. Unless they are taught to do otherwise. However, your dog will probably be looked down on and even categorized as an unsafe dog in the neighborhood regardless of how loving he may be. This is due to the stigma that follows the Pitbull breed. It is your job to protect your pooch from ridicule.

3. Am I willing to raise him to be a proper member of society?

This coincides with the previous question. Not only is it your responsibility to protect your Pitbull but, it will be your responsibility to raise him to be a dog that people do not have to fear. In other words, you have to avoid teaching him how to attack other dogs and people. If you encourage aggression in your dog and then your neighbors fear him then it is nobody’s fault but your own. If you raise him to love people and to show affection, not aggression, then if people fear him then it will be a result of the stigma.

What you should know before you adopt a Pitbull Puppy

  • Pitbulls are canines and will exhibit normal canine behavior. However, each pup will have his own set of personality traits as well as likes and dislikes.
  • Be prepared to be a top notch Pitbull parent. He will rely on you for proper training, socialization, public manners, and home care.
  • Pitbulls that are raised with love and compassion will give it back tenfold!
  • They make excellent family dogs and are typically wonderful with children.
  • Do not adopt a Pitbull Puppy based on his appearance. His personality, temperament, and genetics are far more important than the color or pattern of his coat.
  • Enroll your Pitbull Puppy in Puppy Bootcamp courses. Pitbulls may be loving, loyal and playful but they are also stubborn and hard headed when it comes to training. If you are a first-time Pitbull owner, then it would be wise to allow a professional to train your pooch.
  • Raise your Pitbull Puppy to represent the true nature of the Pitbull. Help change the stigma of the breed from negative to positive by showing others how loving these pups truly are!

Caring for Pitbull Puppies

So, now that you have read about purchasing a Pitbull Puppy and what to look for when you adopt a Pitbull Puppy, you can now discover what goes into caring for one!

Training him

This is one of the most important aspects of owning any dog but, especially a Pitbull.

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They require a firm pack leader (you) in order to be a well-rounded adult dog with manners.

If you are a first-time Pitbull owner, then you should enlist the help of an expert. A reputable breeder will begin training and socialization before the puppy is able to be adopted out.

Then, it is recommended to continue training and socialization with Day 1 of having him in your home.

Even if you choose to hire a dog trainer to teach your new Pitbull Puppy various commands, it is still your responsibility to show him where he is allowed to relieve himself, when it is time to eat and when it is time for bed (or crate time).

Nurturing your Pitbull Puppies

During puppyhood, your Pitbull will have loads of energy that he will regularly need to release. However, many Pitbulls continue this energetic behavior into adulthood.

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Their energy can get them into trouble if they decide to jump the fence in an attempt to chase a squirrel and therefore he could get lost.

A microchip and a collar with tags are two sure fire ways to find your rambunctious pooch should he get lost.

He will also need you to take him to the veterinarian for check-ups and vaccinations.

Some breeders will take care of the first puppy checkup and the first round of puppy shots.

However, your puppy will require another visit or two as well as another round or two of vaccines. Typically, the first round is given at eight weeks old and the second installment would be given at 11 weeks old or 12 weeks old.

After that, your pup will need annual check-ups and shots (unless otherwise specified by your veterinarian).

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Provide your new Pitbull Puppy with plenty of exercise!

As previously mentioned, these adorable little pups are full of energy that needs to be released.

The last place or time that you want your puppy to release his energy is in your home and at night.

Therefore, he should be taken outside for walks, short runs, and various activities to drain his energy to ensure he is drained come bedtime.

Proper Nutrition for a Pitbull Puppy

Puppies require a high-quality puppy kibble that is primarily made of meat and other quality ingredients.

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Avoid kibble that contains meat by-products or a large amount of grains.

It is highly recommended that you continue feeding your Pitbull Puppy the same puppy kibble that the breeder fed him.

This will help reduce the risk of your pup getting sick from a change in kibble. Also, you should either continue to feed your puppy the same quantity and frequency as the breeder.

Alternatively, you should discuss feeding options with his veterinarian if you believe they should be changed.

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