Stray Pit Bull Taken In By Veterinarian Who Took Extreme Measures to Heal Her!

Emaciated and near death, an angel in a Veterinarian’s disguise ate a daily meal in a kennel cage with a pit bull to get her to eat again.

Just before closing, the Granite Hills Animal Care in Elberton, Georgia, received a phone call from a distressed person that found a dog.

I found this dog when I got lost on a dirt road. She’s in bad shape, and I can’t take her home. I can’t afford to treat her, but I can’t leave her here. What do I do?

Dr. Andy Mathis, DVM at Granite Hills Animal Care, advised the caller to bring the dog in.

He did not feel the local animal shelter was an option because the dog would not receive the necessary medical care there.

Upon the pit bull’s arrival to the clinic, Dr. Mathis found the dog in horrific condition.

She was emaciated, anemic, hypothermic, had a severely prolapsed vagina, and was unable to urinate.

This medium size pit bull only weighed in at 20 pounds!

Dr. Mathis opted to take the dog to the University of Georgia (UGA) Veterinary Teaching Hospital, where she could get the extensive treatment and care she needed.

As soon as he arrived at UGA, the team of doctors and nurses at the veterinary hospital went into action treating the pit bull. 

The care that the dog received at UGA would, of course, be costly.

The community came together quickly and raised funds for this pit bull's medical care.

A group was formed to support the fundraiser, and they went as far as naming the dog Graycie Claire.

These animal lovers rallied behind Graycie Claire and Dr. Mathis.

Once UGA had treated Graycie Claire and had her stabilized, Dr. Mathis picked her up and took her to his clinic.

She was not out of the woods and was still considered in critical condition.

Her prolapsed vagina required surgery, which Dr. Mathis was going to do himself. Once the surgery was completed, she began to get better slowly.

She was able to urinate again and began to put some weight on.

Graycie Claire would not eat.

To alleviate this, Dr. Mathis got creative in deciding to eat with Graycie Claire inside of her cage at the clinic.

He would bring two dog bowls to the cage (one with his food and the other with Graycie Claire’s food.) 

Climbing into the cage, he would sit there and eat alongside her. This became a routine for a year. 

During this time, Graycie Claire managed to go from 20 pounds to a healthy weight of 32 pounds, and her shyness has decreased.

Dr. Mathis has continued to take in homeless animals and is very passionate about advocating for each dog that he helps.

His love and devotion are evident throughout social media.

Graycie Claire is thriving and a happy, playful pup now.

She and Dr. Mathis shared a Valentine’s photo shoot where they were both dressed in spa robes with facial masks applied to their faces.

He also treated her to a fine dining experience where he dressed in a suit and tie and rolled a dining cart with fine linen and roses into the kennel area where Graycie Claire stays.

There he and Graycie Claire dined together for a lovely Valentine’s dinner as they listened to Andrea Bocelli in the background.

How many veterinarians would go to the lengths Dr. Mathis has in nurturing a pit bull back to health?

Moreover, Dr. Mathis and Graycie Claire serve as an inspiration to defy the stereotypical rap that indicates all pit bulls are dangerous and aggressive.

On one of his YouTube videos with Graycie Claire, he selected a beautiful song that says it all. “If your wings are broken, please take mine so yours can open.”

Today, Graycie Claire has not yet been adopted. Dr. Mathis states that he feels she is not quite ready.

She is a resident of the animal clinic where she freely walks around and plays with other dogs.

The animal clinic has a sweet and adorable mascot that roams among them.

One man’s love and passion for helping animals went a long way and as animal lovers worldwide, we say “Thank you, Dr. Mathis, for caring for the numerous animals you have taken in!”

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