nope not gonna eat it fi

“Nope, not gonna eat it!”

Pit bull can’t be fooled into eating broccoli. As pet-parents, we only want the best for our dogs. When it comes to their diet, we try to feed them the very best in quality treats and food. High-quality dog food and treats are packed with nutrition that a dog needs to be healthy.   We rely on these […]

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the perception of four people are changed after having encounter with pitbulls fi

The Perception of Four People Are Changed After Having Encounter with Pitbulls

The sweetness of two pit bulls change the negative perception four people had towards the breed! Pit bulls are perceived as dangerous, mean, and aggressive.  The dark side of dog fighting typically involves pit bulls, and because of this, our culture lacks awareness of how sweet and gentle the breed actually is.  Four individuals that have

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animal officer finds deaf emaciated pit bull locked away in shed FI

Happy Dog Welcomes Soldier Home

Military Soldier Adopts the Dog and Gives Him a Brand New Life! We hear so many sad and heartbreaking stories about animal cruelty. However, this particular story reaches into the depths of dog lover’s hearts everywhere.  In 2010, an animal officer heard a dog barking from a shed in a residential backyard.  Upon investigation, Officer Austin Wallace

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poolside paddling pitbull fi

Poolside Paddling Pitbull

“I think I can, I think I can” and He Falls In! There is nothing cuter than watching dogs frolicking in a beautiful, refreshing swimming pool on a hot summer day.  Their goofy antics are entertaining, to say the least!  However, one pit bull was intrigued by the pool and seemingly wanted to play but didn’t want

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The extreme dog fence

The Extreme Dog Fence® Review

Quick Navigation Containing Your Precious PoochUnderground Dog Fences: How They WorkInstallationThe Extreme Dog Fence®Support Containing Your Precious PoochAre you lucky enough to have a Pocket Pitbull? Good for you! Whether you have dogs or are adding one to your family, you may be thinking about the best way for you to contain them on your

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