Pitbull & Bully Breeds

Pitbull Puppies

Quick Navigation Adopting a Pitbull Puppy and what to look forWhat you should know before you adopt a Pitbull PuppyCaring for Pitbull PuppiesProper Nutrition for a Pitbull Puppy All about Pitbull PuppiesPitbull Puppies are becoming increasingly popular amongst dog enthusiasts.They are adorable, loyal, loving and playful! There are various ways to seek out a Pitbull […]

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Gotti Pitbull Line

Quick Navigation History of the Gotty Pitbull LinePersonality and Temperament of the Gotti Pitbull LineFeeding your Gotti PitbullCaring for your Gotti PitbullPotential Health Conditions of the Gotti Pitbull Line The Gotti Pitbulls are easy to distinguish between other Pitbull types. They are a much stockier, wide-bodied dog with broad heads. Harley QuinnMany people in search of

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tri colored pitbull

Tri Color Pitbulls

Quick Navigation The Tri-Colored Or Three Colored PitbullHistory of the Tri Color PitbullFeeding the Tri Colored Pitbull The Tri-Colored Or Three Colored PitbullPitbulls are one of the most misunderstood dog breeds in the world. They are typically judged and degraded by their potential aggressive behavior and their appearance.Pitbulls appear to be intimidating and tough as

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american bully

American Bully Dog Breed

Quick Navigation History of the American Bully Dog BreedThe Standard American BullyThe Classic American BullyThe Pocket American BullyThe Extra Large American BullyOther Physical Features Of The American BullyPersonality And Temperament Of The American Bully Dog BreedFeeding Your American Bully dogTraining And Barking TendenciesGrooming RequirementsPotential Health Conditions Of The American Bully Dog Breed The American Bully

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boxer pitbull mix

Pit Bull Boxer Mix

A dog that is both pitbull and boxer is a very powerful canine. Both breeds are strong in every sense of the word (physically, personality and temperament).  These pups will require a stable family and household environment as well as a firm owner as their pack leader. Follow Stewart On Instagram Puppies that are born

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pitsky puppy

Pitbull Husky Mix

Quick Navigation History of the Husky Pitbull MixPersonality and Temperament of the Husky Pitbull MixFeeding the Husky Pitbull MixCaring for the Husky Pitbull MixHere is a fleeting glimpse into the Pitbull Husky Mix! This mix has been recently recognized by the American Kennel Club as it is own breed and not just a mixed breed.@scoobys_archMixed

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Red Nose Pitbull Info And Care

Quick Navigation Everything you should know about the Red Nose PitbullFeeding the Red Nose PitbullCaring for the Red Nose Pitbull Everything you should know about the Red Nose PitbullThe Red Nose Pitbull or Red Pit is one of the various color varieties to choose from in an American Pitbull Terrier.@copper_the_pittMany of the traits found in the American

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blue nose pitbull

Blue Nose Pitbull Info And Care

Quick Navigation History of the Blue Nose PitbullPersonality and Temperament of the Blue Nose PitbullFeeding the Blue Nose PitbullHere Is A Fleeting Glimpse Into The Blue Nose Pitbull! A Blue Nose Pitbull or Blue Pits are rather hard to find even though they continue to grow in popularity.This “breed” is not recognized as a separate

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